Autumn Term 2018 pupil targets

Our whole Autumn Term targets for Maths and English are as follows:

Maths – To improve our problem solving skills.

Click here to see our Autumn term Maths targets.

English – To use a range of strategies to read fluently, with pace and to develop a wider love of reading.

Click here to see our Autumn term English targets.

Additionally, children have a personal target which they select to work towards. These will be made available to parents at our parent’s evening on October 17th 2018.

Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception class) have their own targets linked to the EYFS curriculum and to meet their needs, age and maturity.

We are continuing to have a big emphasis in School on the presentation of our work which also includes improving the quality of handwriting. Our handwriting and presentation polices can be found in the policies section of the website.