“We are Working Scientifically at Holy Trinity!”

Our Science Principles at Holy Trinity

Science is good when…

We find the answers to our questions.

We know what scientific skills we are using.

We discover new things by ourselves through our own investigations.

We use scientific vocabulary

We use a range of equipment.

We can show/present our finding and what we have learnt in a range of ways.


We have recently enjoyed a science day at school, we learnt all about working scientifically and about different materials.

Some of the experiments are easy to do, why don’t you have a go at home and bring a picture into school to show Miss Hines! The following link is for Science Bob and has easy instructions to follow.



‘WOW!’ Science

Throughout the Summer Term all classes in school will having a go at ‘WOW!’ Science experiments. They are a great way for the children to become really engaged in their investigations, to talk about what they have observed and to have lots of those WOW moments!